Funeral Services

Serving many purposes, Funerals can provide finality to a grieving family, engage in a religious or spiritual sacrament, as well as celebrate a loved one's life. O'Donnell Funeral and Cremation Service's staff of certified funeral directors will coordinate the service with clergy and other officials to provide -- tailored to the requests of the family -- a wake and funeral or memorial service as a dignified, meaningful celebration of the deceased's life.

Cremation Services

With O'Donnell, you have a service that you can rely on to handle the process with respect from start to finish.


O'Donnell will coordinate the purchasing of a wide range of funeral accessories, including caskets, vaults, urns, floral arrangements, and other items associated with the grieving process.


O'Donnell can be assured to organize the deceased's obituaries the appropriate newspapers and other news outlets. An option provided is that of posting the obituaries online, with or without a guest book for loved ones to leave messages.

Grief Services

Funeral services are as much about the people left behind as they are about the deceased. The survivors face overwhelming emotions at this difficult time, and O'Donnell Funeral & Cremation Service can be a trusted resource as the family attempts to recompose normal life.